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Pole motors and electrical resistances

Our company is specialized in the construction of shaded pole motors and electrical resistances for electric household appliances, ventilation, air-conditioning, medical instruments and some more special applications.

The long experience guarantees to our customers high quality level of services and prices and a good knowledge of international rules.

Our company is located in province of Brescia, near the gate of Rovato (highway A4 MILANO-VENEZIA) so easy to reach.
Our commercial and technical staff is always ready to satisfy your needs about offers, sampling, laboratory tests, detailed drawings and technical information about our products.


  • The history

    FreiTech born begin of 2002, created by Leandro Membrini (General Manager) and some partners involved in the same fields (induction motors and heating elements).

  • Our Products

    FreiTech produces and sells induction motors, quartz tubes, heating elements and wire heating elements for small household appliances (ventilators, extractor fan, convectors, fireplaces, humidifiers and so on).
    We can produce with different voltages, executions (ball bearings, thermal cut-out, thermal fuse), and if it is required, following special drawings of the customers (we can also manufacture special tools).

  • The production sites

    FreiTech has two productions sites, one located in the northern Italy (Brescia) with 1000 covered square meters, 13 workers, which represents the head quarter, the other one in Roumania with 2.600 covered square meters and 70 workers.
    We have into both sites a quality system control and we release to the customers, when requested, a quality report.